2020 Pastor Partners Mentor Training Held

The annual Pastor Partners mentor training event was held on the campus of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary on September 22, 2020. Because of COVID restrictions that prevailed on campus, this event was significantly scaled back and relied primarily on Zoom to reach and serve our mentors throughout the country.  The entire event was condensed into a four-hour time period. Sessions were recorded for the sake of those unable to participate via Zoom. The recorded material will be edited and eventually posted on Seminary Online so mentors may access it at their convenience.

The focus of this year’s training was the pastor’s/mentor’s spiritual growth, with an additional segment devoted to the mentor’s skill development. The primary presenter was Professor emeritus Daniel Deutschlander. He shared with us his presentation on “The Pastor’s Devotional Life.”  Additionally, two of our Lead Mentors, Jeremiah Gumm and Stephen Schmiel,  gave a presentation on “The Art of Listening,” a key skill all mentors need as they serve their mentees.

There are currently 75 Pastor Partner mentors serving seminary graduates who entered the pastoral ministry during the last four years. While participation in the mentoring initiative is voluntary, close to 100% of graduates the last several years have asked to be mentored. We consider it a privilege to do this. Our main goal will remain the equipping of younger pastors with counsel and guidance as they cultivate practical abilities to serve souls entrusted to their care as long as the Lord allows.

We invite and welcome your ongoing prayers for the Pastor Partner program and all the participating mentors who serve.