2020 Symposium on Martin Luther’s 1520 Treatises ONLINE

Due to Covid concerns, pastors and emeriti will be able to attend the 2020 Symposium online via webinar. This will allow them not only to see and hear the paper presentations and worship, but also to participate in the post-paper discussions.
The normal registration fee is being significantly reduced from that of past years and is being charged only to cover the costs involved in the presentation of the symposium. Registration for WELS and ELS pastors is $20 and for retired pastors $10. Register now.
This year marks the 500th anniversary of four important treatises that Martin Luther wrote in 1520. The 2020 Symposium, beginning on September 21, will feature three essayists, including:
To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation (August 1520) (Jason Oakland)
Treatise on Good Works and On the Freedom of a Christian (May 1520 & November 1520) (James Danell)
On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church (October 1520) (Benjamin Schaefer)