A classroom illustration becomes personal



In Prof. Tom Kock’s senior education class students learn how to use illustrations and examples to apply God’s good news to the people they serve. This week, Prof. Kock shared an illustration he used as he counseled those who could not let their guilt go or those who struggled to forgive someone else.

The students gathered outside in silence and Professor Kock had them write down their personal sin that would mortify them if other people found out. He gathered the papers in a pan, added lighter fluid, and set them on fire.

After everything was reduced to ashes, he told a student, “Please read what was on your paper.” When the students couldn’t do it, he shared, “God can’t read it either. Yes, he could if he wanted to, but he chooses not to. He remembers your sin no more,” he told the students.

Not only was this an illustration for them to use when they serve others with the gospel, it also was a reminder that the beautiful news of the gospel is true for them too.