About Grow In Grace

About Grow in Grace

The Institute for Pastoral Growth at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
partnering in the lifelong pursuit of spiritual and professional growth

Grow in Grace was established by Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 2010 in order to mark a new emphasis on the continuing education work that has long been one of the two tasks that the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod has entrusted to its seminary. Our mission statement, vision, and goals give a quick overview of what this work is all about.

Mission Statement

The mission of Grow in Grace is to advance the cause of the gospel in the 21st century by making ministry impacting continuing education resources available and accessible and by connecting pastors with partners who will encourage them in their spiritual and professional growth.


The vision of Grow in Grace is that pastors in fellowship with WELS will find Grow in Grace a welcome partner in planning and implementing their pursuit of personal spiritual growth and professional life-long learning.


  • Curricular Resources Develop and/or deliver affordable ministry impacting curriculum resources in the four theological disciplines offered by Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (biblical, historical, systematic, and practical).
  • Pastor Partners Provide formal and informal collaborative opportunities for called workers to learn from one another, as well as celebrate ministry milestones with their peers.
  • Evaluating Ministry Develop and/or deliver fresh and relevant resources which a pastor can use to assess his ministry faithfulness and plan for spiritual and professional growth in partnership with lay leaders and ministry peers.
  • Encourage Informal Learning Facilitate the delivery of ministry impacting informal learning resources that enable individual pastors and/or groups of pastors to carry out spiritual and professional growth.