Archaeology Tour of Israel – Summer 2019

On June 1, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, working with WLC, MLC, LPS, and MLS began a 12-day archaeological study tour in Israel. This was open to all WELS/ELS called workers (and spouses), as well as students at each of the five institutions.

Participants worked for five days at Khirbet ‘Auja el-Foqa (ooh-ja el FOH-ka), a site just north of Jericho, then toured in Israel for four days. Khirbet ‘Auja el-Foqa is a new dig site being run by Dr. Ralph Hawkins, Averett University. Averett partners with Dr. David Ben Shlomo and the Israel Heritage Department, Ariel University.

Those pastors who complete assigned coursework are eligible to receive three continuing education credits in either Old Testament or New Testament studies.