Call Day and Graduation Update

2020 Graduation Service Folder


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Assignment List (posted after the graduation/call service)

The final weeks of the school year culminate in a number of important events, including Call Day, the graduation concert, and graduation itself. All of that has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and the seminary has adapted our plans.

Instead of having an assignment service on Ascension Day, Thursday, May 21, followed by a graduation service on Friday, May 22, the two services will be combined into one.

The service will be held on Thursday, May 21, beginning at 10:00am. It will be an online service via Livestream and Facebook Live that will incorporate elements from the traditional graduation and assignment services, with the graduation portion first.

Within five to ten minutes of the service ending, those who have received an assignment, whether as a vicar or pastor, will receive an e-mail from their district president with information about the call.

When President Treptow shared the news, he also shared a message of certain hope, “We have lost traditions that are near and dear to us. This is not the way any of us would choose for the year to come to an end. Yet we rejoice in our Risen and Ascended Savior, the Lord of the Church. He will not allow a pandemic to stop his saving work. He will cause his gospel to sound forth and he will continue to raise up workers and send them out with the good news. The graduation and assignment service will be a demonstration of our Savior’s zeal for sinners, as he sends out more workers into his harvest field. Nothing can hinder him from saving!”