On Sunday, Dec. 8, the Seminary Chorus presented its annual Christmas at the Seminary.

Using the theme Lutheran Hymns of the Christmas Season, the 61 men of the Seminary Chorus and their director sang hymns in multiple languages and musical settings.

“Over the span of its 88-year history, students who participated in the Seminary Chorus have sung a wide variety of ‘psalms, hymns, and songs of the Spirit’ at their concerts. Obviously, settings of psalms and biblical canticles appear often on programs. Anthems composed by English and Russian composers dominate the traditional male chorus repertoire, and the chorus has performed many of them. American folk songs add interest for students and audiences, as does world music from places like Nigeria and Mexico. The good news about Jesus has a long history and a wide reach, and Christians across the centuries and the globe have created music for the choir to sing. Invariably, however, the Seminary Chorus and its six directors returned to the hymn,” wrote Professor James Tiefel. Professor Tiefel has directed the Seminary Chorus since 1985. He will retire at the end of this school year.

About 1150 people attended the two concerts, and around 180 computers were logged in watching the 3 pm concert via livestreaming. For those were unable to attend, the archived concert is available at

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