A Double San Antonio Retreat Celebration in 2021? Stay Tuned!

With the length of restrictions on large gatherings still unable to be determined, and with more and more major airlines allowing credit for cancelled flights to be used well into 2021, your Grow in Grace team has begun to explore the possibility of inviting eight WLS graduating classes to enjoy the retreats together. This would include inviting the four classes originally scheduled to attend in 2020 as well as the four classes who will soon be invited for 2021. May God give us wisdom and patience as we sort through the details that can make this a reality next spring!
We will also work hard, in cooperation with generous donors who have supported the travel reimbursement for retreats in the past, to attempt to make sure that no additional travel costs, beyond what had originally been anticipated, fall on either pastors and wives or their congregations.
Note: As we were completing production of this edition of Grow in Grace Notes, some reports suggest that the government may be compelling airlines to move toward a more liberal refund policy for cancelled flights. We will seek to partner with you to stay up to date on those changes.