Featured Circuit June 2011




San Diego Circuit

Circuit Pastor:

H. Curtis Lyon (hclyon@verizon.net)

FC.2011.6San Diego Circuit

As you will see from the sample agenda and meeting schedule below, the San Diego Circuit has nine regular meetings scheduled for 2011 as well as two fellowship gatherings. There was no meeting scheduled for July.

Sample Agenda

Place: Meeting at Living Word, Wildomar, CA
Date: Monday, April 4, 2011

9:00 Opening Prayer – Mike Schroeder

9:00 Scripture Study

Old Testament selection – 9:00-9:30
Jeff Enderle – Next Monday we will plan to go through Jonah chapter 2 for our Hebrew study. Translation will again be done on a volunteer basis. There are 3 files attached to this message: the first is Jonah 2 from the BHS and the next 2 are the vocabulary helps for Jonah 2.

New Testament Selection – 9:30-10:00
Caleb Bassett – Re-read all of Ephesians in English. Practice reading Ephesians chapter three in Greek.

9:45 Sermon Study – 10:00-10:45
Mike Schroeder – For the sermon Study, we will look at the Preach the Word issue for March/April 2011. I’ve attached a copy if you don’t have/can’t find it. Please read it beforehand so that we can discuss it, but please do not cut into your sermon preparation time in order to accomplish this.

10:30 Confessions – 10:45-11:15
Aaron Glaeske

11:00 Current study topic – 11:15-11:45
Curt Lyon – Please read “Walther’s Axioms – I”. While all 16 axioms are worth considering and comment, please concentrate on numbers 2,3,7,8, and 16 on pages 15-16 WLQ 108,1.

11:30 Other business
Next meeting at St. Stephen, Fallbrook, May 2, 2011 at 9:00

12:00 Closing Benediction and Adjournment


  1. Alpine, Alpine – January
  2. Risen Savior, Chula Vista – February
  3. Beautiful Saviour, Carlsbad – March
  4. Living Hope, Wildomar – April
  5. St. Stephen, Fallbrook – May
  6. Reformation, San Diego – June
  7. No gathering – July
  8. Picnic at Kellogg Park – August
  9. Christ the Vine, Temecula – September
  10. Ascension, Escondido – October
  11. Shepherd of the Hills, La Mesa – November
  12. Christmas Party – December

There are several items about the study plan of the San Diego Circuit worth noting:

  • There is a nice balance among the four areas of theology in the circuit’s April agenda. Biblical theology, historical theology, systematic theology, and practical theology are all represented in their study plan.
  • The meeting “rotation” offers a nice mixture of regular study meetings and times to enjoy fellowship as pastors and families. Both elements are critical for those in the circuit.
  • While studying Greek and Hebrew together for nine meetings in a year cannot by itself maintain language skills, including regular Greek and Hebrew exegesis is a great start and a powerful encouragement to everyone in attendance not to let those skills slip.
  • The joint reading of a Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly article also serves as an encouragement to the brothers to continue to read our synod’s professional growth journal.

Here are suggestions for circuits that would consider adopting/adapting larger or smaller portions of the plans of the San Diego Circuit:

  • As was mentioned last month with the previous circuit, since the agenda ends quite early in the day, perhaps the length of agenda “slots” could be lengthened somewhat to allow for more study and discussion in each area. This might also allow for enjoying lunch together and then closing in the early afternoon. Having a meal together allows for informal encouragement to be given and received. We have all known times when the impromptu sharing and encouragement that takes place over a meal can become the most helpful support that is provided when a circuit gathers. That is not meant as a slam on having formal agendas. It is simply a nod to the fact that not everything good that happens when brothers gather is always reflected on the agenda.
  • As our seminary has been stressing even more in recent years, there is a blessing in hearing the Greek and Hebrew being read out loud. However, circuits that include that as part of their study need to be careful not to put any brother on the spot who may have allowed his out-loud reading skills to slide.