Focus on Ministry held

At this year’s Focus on Ministry, twenty-six young men and seven chaperones from area Lutheran high schools and public schools stayed overnight on campus, then joined in classes, took a tour, and heard more about the possibility of becoming a pastor.

As many of them are unsure if they will become pastors or not, President Paul Wendland reassured them, “Don’t think that God’s eternal plan for the universe depends on your decision. There are lots of ways to serve Jesus. It’s fine if you decide to serve and worship him another way.”

He also gave them two practical questions they should ask as they consider the ministry. “One, do you like studying the Word?” he asked. “And, two, do you like people?”

He also thanked them, “Simply by being here, you encourage the hearts of everyone here—no matter what decision you make. Thank you for being willing to check us out, to see if this is right for you.”