2016 Congregational Grant Awarded

Once again this year, a retired pastor has made a gift of $500 to Grow in Grace in order to encourage pastors and lay leaders to grow together in carrying out the gospel ministry entrusted to them.  This year, with the donor’s agreement, the grant is being split in three directions.   Here are the congregations whose proposals are receiving a portion of this year’s grant:

  • St. Paul, Dale, WI, is being awarded $300 to assist with the cost of five of their lay leaders pursuing the synod’s Congregational Assistant Program.
  • Abiding Faith, Smyrna, TN, is being awarded $100 to assist with the costs of theological books for a lay leader who, as a second-career student, is beginning to study for the pastoral ministry.
  • Atonement, Milwaukee, WI, is being awarded $100 to assist their pastor and a lay leader to attend a conference that would help them design a plan for their congregation to strengthen its in-reach to the twenty-somethings who are a significant percentage of their straying sheep.

The retired pastor who gave this gift for the 2016 Congregational Grant, has indicated he would be interested in providing another such gift next fall.   Watch for the announcement in the Grow in Grace Notes next fall and consider submitting a proposal!