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John Lawrenz

John C. Lawrenz (M.Div., M.A., Ph.D.) retired in 2013. He and Phoebe, his wife of 47 years, now live in east Milwaukee and attend St. Marcus. The Lawrenz’ have three married children and eleven grandchildren. A 40-year career in WELS ministry was shaped by 20 years at WELS schools (he grew up at WLS where his father served as professor and president), plus post-graduate courses in Old Testament-related subjects at Brandeis University near Boston. Between 1970 and 1998 Dr. Lawrenz worked a dozen summers with Tel Aviv University in field archaeology at four sites in Israel. Ordination in 1973 occurred at a home mission start in Gainesville, FL. From 1978 to 2004 Lawrenz taught and administrated at four locations—16 years at MLS in Saginaw, plus four years each at DMLC/MLC in New Ulm, at synod headquarters in Milwaukee, and at WLS in Mequon. Part-time world mission service in India and Ukraine, mostly in summers, enriched the 1990s and early 2000s. Lawrenz became part of the WELS Now Is the Time initiative to build a vigorous confessional Lutheran presence in East Asia. WELS world missions called him in 2004 to start and develop a training program for Chinese church leaders. As a result, Lawrenz is emeritus president and emeritus professor of Old Testament and biblical Hebrew at Asia Lutheran Seminary, Hong Kong, China (founded 2005). A major focus of the past two decades, including retirement, has been exploring the text and background of the five books of Moses. Lawrenz has taught summer quarter courses in Israel and on campus, including biblical geography and archaeology, OT threads, Leviticus, Exodus/Numbers, Deuteronomy and Judges. Dr. Lawrenz is the author of the People’s Bible Judges/Ruth commentary and of Training Christians for Ministry—Old Testament.

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Private: Exegesis of Exodus Old Testament