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1 Thessalonians

Instructor: E. Allen Sorum

North America is becoming increasingly “unchurched.” The percentage of people in major urban populations who attend Christian worship services is often under 10 percent. Most of the immigrants flooding into our country do not bring with them a Christian faith. Though pollsters assure us that people in our nation are interested in spirituality, it is difficult to identify interest in the unconditional gospel or confessional Christianity. There is an urgent need for a strong Christian witness in both word and action.

Paul’s message in 1 Thessalonians is wonderfully relevant for pastors and their congregations who want to receive encouragement and equipping for North American mission and ministry. Participants will reflect on how the Apostle Paul proclaims law and gospel to encourage the Thessalonian Christians and us to continue to share the message of Jesus, to live a distinctively Christian life, to endure the resulting persecution, and to do all of this in the light of the Last Day. This letter reflects the excitement and urgency of Christian people participating in the Great Commission of our Lord. This will be a study based on the original Greek. Greek is required.

Advanced Degree Program(s): STM
Area of Study: New Testament
Language Requirement(s): Greek Required
Online Course Credits: 2
Tuition: $500
Pastors' Institute TimeFrame: 9 weeks