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Acts 1 & 2

Instructor: Joel Fredrich

The book of Acts gives us a picture of the church in the days of her first love, and for some that will be reason enough to revisit this first and greatest of all books on the history of the New Testament church. But Luke has more to offer. When he portrays the apostles and the rest of the first generation of Christians, he keeps us focused on the mighty deeds of the triune God that made them what they were and gave direction to their lives and testimony. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the opening chapters of Acts. God willing, we will study Acts 1:1 - 2:47 on the basis of the Greek text--and if your questions and discussion keep us from getting that far, so much the better!

Area of Study: New Testament
Tuition: $400
Course Number: NT5009
Course Credits: 1.0
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04/13/2021 to 04/15/2021 Minnesota District Satellite - Spring 2021 Hilton MSP View Courses