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Alternative Urban Outreach

Instructor: Tom Kock

This January, we are offering students two experiences. One group will work with Rev. Scott Martz in Midlothian, Texas (just south of Dallas) and the other group will work with Rev. Wayne Halldorson in east Texas. Students may have some input into where they serve. Both opportunities will feature street evangelism, interviewing, and data gathering, and participation in a strategic planning process that will show students different ways to begin or enhance a congregation’s outreach.

Note: All seniors are encouraged to take advantage of one of these opportunities as an ideal way to fulfill the off-campus requirement of their second-semester Parish Evangelism course.

Both trips will occur between January 6 through 13 approximately. Actual dates will be confirmed. Allow for a day or two different from this as flight schedules require. Students are asked to bring $100.00 to cover miscellaneous expenses.

Area of Study: Pastoral Leadership
Tuition: $1,250.00
Course Number: PT7041
Next time offered: Winterim 2020
Course Credits 5