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Instructor: E. Allen Sorum

Paul’s message to the Colossians is relevant to mission-minded Christians and congregations today. The Apostle Paul presents a powerful, positive, and pro-active gospel witness that will not be restrained by the fear mongering and misguided philosophies of this world. Paul’s witness of the unconditional gospel in Colossians remains compelling and offers peace to souls. This course will review the Prison Epistles for shared themes and then dive into the text and the contextual circumstances of this letter to a group of Christians Paul had not met. Special attention will be given to texts that appear in our new hymnal’s Church Year lectionaries.

Area of Study: New Testament
Tuition: $600
Course Number: NT9021
Course Credits: 1.5
Dates Term Location
06/05/2023 to 06/07/2023 Michigan District Satellite 2023 Bowling Green University, Ohio View Courses