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Communicating Christ Across Cultures

Instructor: E. Allen Sorum

The purpose of Communicating Christ Across Cultures is to equip and encourage course participants to partner with a person from a different cultural and/or ethnic community for the task of sharing the gospel of Jesus. This will not be a course heavy on anthropological concepts or theory. Our effort is to prepare a team whose members are from various backgrounds to work together in a way that preaches Christ and presents authentic Christian unity and mutual respect. Issues that course participants will explore include: conducting and reporting ethnographic research, key concepts for cross-cultural team leadership, mutual mentoring, contextualizing mission and ministry, assimilation and integration of congregational cultural groups, "transparency" and related cross-cultural relationship concepts, and more. The opportunities for cross-cultural outreach in North America and the world have never been more abundant. The world is coming to North America. The world is moving to cities. All this means that the cultural barriers that have made cross-cultural communication difficult in the past are shifting. Now is our opportunity to capitalize for the sake of Christ's kingdom on the opportunities in our own back yard to reach the world for Jesus.

Through a combination of Bible study, contemporary literature review, interviewing people from the course participants’ ministry setting, and class discussion, the participants in this course will reflect on the attitudes and skills best suited to share the gospel of Jesus with people from a different culture.

Advanced Degree Program(s): STM
Area of Study: Missiology & Evangelism
Tuition: $800
Course Number: ME5016/9016
Course Credits: 2.0