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Exegesis of Exodus

Instructor: John Lawrenz

“EXODUS” It was the word Jesus selected to describe his coming death and resurrection on the Mount of Transfiguration. Jesus connected what God did for “his son” Israel under Moses in Egypt with what the only begotten Son was about to do for the whole world in Jerusalem. The night of the Passover speaks to Jesus as the Lamb of God. The Red Sea passage is a precursor of the baptismal drowning of Satan and the forces of evil. On Sinai Israel becomes God’s segula, his treasured possession. The book closes with the planning, building and dedication of God’s dwelling place in spite of backsliding apostasy.

The ten day course will explore (1) Moses the first writer of scripture, (2) the likely times and places in Egyptian and salvation history, (3) the paradigmatic call of Moses, (4) the plagues as God’s mighty arm pummeling unbelief, (5) “Pilgrim’s Progress” from sea to Sinai, (6) the Ten Words in a fresh light, (7) the book of the covenant as mini-Torah, (8) the tabernacle and ministering priest as Immanuel, and (9) the episode of the golden calf as enduring warning and comfort.

We will use, build on, and expand each student’s skill with biblical Hebrew. Together we will also read, discuss, and digest what scholars have said about the nine topics, pursuing evangelical depth and balance along the way.

Area of Study: Old Testament
Language Requirement(s): Hebrew Required
Tuition: $750
Course Number: OT5007
Course Credits: 3