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Hebrew Review

Instructor: Dan Witte

Hebrew Review aims to help busy parish pastors who want to regain and enhance their skills for working in the original language of the Old Testament. It will also benefit students in the WELS worker training system whose studies have been interrupted and who now intend to continue their theological training. This refresher course will include 10 brief lectures that will begin with the Hebrew alphabet itself and the rules for oral reading of Hebrew, and will eventually include every element of basic Hebrew grammar and syntax, with special emphasis on the Hebrew verb. Along the way, students will translate and discuss Job's profound prologue and epilogue (much easier Hebrew than the rest of Job). They will gain tools to explore the sacred text with increasing detail and depth as the week progresses. They will also identify specific avenues for further growth in biblical Hebrew.

Advanced Degree Program(s): STM
Area of Study: Old Testament
Language Requirement(s): Hebrew Required
Summer Quarter Credits: 2
Tuition: $500
Course Number: OT5165
Syllabus: CE.2018-Hebrew-Review-overview-002.pdf
Course Credits 2
Dates Term Location