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History of Doctrine I (Apostolic Fathers through the Council of Chalcedon)

Instructor: James Korthals

The patristic age is one of the most exciting periods of church history. It is also one of the most difficult. Some of the debates seem somewhat irrelevant to the modern theological world, especially when compared to the issues debated during the Reformation era. This early period in the development of Christian thought was a time of immense doctrinal diversity. This was an age when theology seemed to be influx, so it is not always easy to keep the rapidly changing theological landscape straight. In addition there is no shortage of material to consider. Finally, many of the debates were grounded in or hinged on philosophic issues which may not be familiar to us today. The many challenges of this period, however, are offset by great rewards. To study the development of Christian thought from the day of Pentecost to the days of Chalcedon give us the opportunity to appreciate what we have today. The doctrinal struggles in the early church allow us to see more clearly scriptural truth. It is true, “we stand on the shoulders of giants” who went before us. History of Doctrine I will allow us to marvel at God’s grace as we see how the Lord of the Church warns us about doctrinal dangers and strengthens us with his truth.

Area of Study: Church History
Summer Quarter Credits: 3
Tuition: $1200
Course Number: CH5056
Course Credits: 3.0
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