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Lord’s Supper: a sacrament that unites and separates

Instructor: To Be Determined

Historical-exegetical insights into the importance of the Lord’s Supper for Christian life and action. Why Christian freedom (eleutheria) and thanksgiving (eucharist) are the two main ingredients of this celebration of Christ’s death and Christian life. How and why “holy things serve holy people” (ethnos hagian) for the strengthening (confirmation, comfort) of faith and, simultaneously, the fellowship of faith (laos peripoiesin). How the Old Covenant (berith) became the New Testament (diatheke). Why and how this communion sets Christians apart from an unbelieving world to interact freely and joyfully in service to it. How the Lord Jesus’ real presence overcomes on the battleground for the Christian church’s confession of faith. Celebrating the Lamb’s High Feast: questions and discussion. Bible material for BIC and Bible Class based on NPH People’s Bible Teachings Series ─ Lord’s Supper: the Lamb’s High Feast.

Advanced Degree Program(s): STM
Area of Study: Systematic Theology
Tuition: $600
Course Credits: 1.5
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