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Pastoral Psychology – A Collaborative Approach to Pastoral Care

Instructor: John Schuetze

As a pastor, you counsel in the trenches. Therefore you are often the first line of contact when a member is wrestling with a problem. Many of these problems are spiritual, but some also have a predominately mental health issue that is causing turmoil in the life of the member and others. The purpose of this course is not to equip you as a pastor to provide comprehensive treatment for everyone who comes into your office. However, it is helpful for you to recognize what may be happening in a person’s life and also know something about how it can be treated. This course will acquaint you as a pastoral counselor with some of the more common mental health matters that people face so that you as a counseling shepherd can understand your counseling limitations and refer your member to a competent and qualified professional counselor. In this way you will be able to give your member the best spiritual and psychological care available through a collaborative approach to pastoral care.

Advanced Degree Program(s): STM
Area of Study: Pastoral Care
Summer Quarter Credits: 1.5
Tuition: $600
Course Credits: 1.5
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