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Preaching in a Postmodern World

Instructor: Private: Richard Gurgel

In every generation, Satan remixes ancient lies into a new, intoxicating brew. Postmodernism (some would say it’s already Post-Postmodernism!) is the brew currently being guzzled by many in our culture. Even those in our pews who’ve never heard of postmodernism are impacted in more ways than they know. While our hearers may not study the culture in which they live and breathe, preachers cannot afford such ignorance. In each generation we must grasp the unique challenges and opportunities the prevailing culture presents to gospel proclamation. As we consider insights into how to communicate to those impacted by a postmodern world, we will seek to navigate a middle ground. We will seek to speak with an ever-changing culture in a way that communicates as clearly as possible without in any way compromising God’s unchanging truth.

Advanced Degree Program(s): STM
Area of Study: Preaching & Worship
Summer Quarter Credits: 1.5
Tuition: $600
Course Number: WR9060
Course Credits: 1.5
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