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Preaching on Pornography – Urgency, Pitfalls, and Wisdom

Instructor: Private: Mike Novotny

If even the most conservative statistics are true, the average WELS church has 30 adult members habitually looking at pornography. So, what can you do as a preacher besides hope your church is the miraculous exception? Given the taboo nature of the topic, should you preach on pornography? (What about the preschool ears and the offended elderly sisters in Christ?) And, if you do preach, what pitfalls must you avoid in order to create a church-wide culture of honest confession that draws sexual sinners to Jesus? How can you equip God’s people with practical steps while staying focused on the cleansing and motivating power of grace? This course aims to answer these questions and many more as we strive together to make more churches safe places for those trying to conquer the monster called pornography.

Area of Study: Preaching & Worship
Tuition: $600
Course Number: PW5064
Course Credits 1.5