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Preaching Sanctification in Ways that Honor Gospel Predominance

Instructor: Private: Richard Gurgel

No one has ever insisted that the Lutheran pulpit’s hallmark is insightful sanctification preaching. Without apology, Lutheran preaching’s main focus is Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection and the status of “righteous” he procured for us by living perfectly and dying innocently in our place. Yet it would be tragic if we Lutherans yield the sanctification field to others or if we believe we must be schooled by others for how to do it. Lutheran theology uniquely positions us within the visible church for preaching sanctification. Lutherans are not pitiful paupers begging for a few crumbs from others more well-to-do theologically in sanctification. Right within our doctrinal heritage we possess a wealth just waiting to enrich our encouragements to sanctified living.

Area of Study: Preaching & Worship
Summer Quarter Credits: 1.5
Tuition: $600
Course Number: PW5008
Course Credits: 1.5
Dates Term Location
04/13/2021 to 04/15/2021 Minnesota District Satellite - Spring 2021 Hilton MSP View Courses