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The English Reformation

Instructor: James Korthals

Since the 14th century the English had been at odds with Rome and its ecclesiastical bureaucracy. Within 15 years of its outbreak on the continent, Reformation fever crossed the English Channel. Henry, however, broke with the Church of Rome for personal reasons, not for doctrinal principles. In 1534 he assumed control over the English church and ushered in the Reformation that grew under his children, Edward VI and Elizabeth. Using primary sources we will trace the developments in England that let to Henry's repudiation of Rome. We will then follow the development of the Church of England as the established (i.e., state) church in England and the mother church of the Anglican Communion. The central role taken by English Bible translations will also receive attention.

Area of Study: Church History
Tuition: $800
Course Number: CH7037
Course Credits 2.0
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