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The Ministry of the Word

Instructor: John Brug

No doctrine has been more controversial in American Lutheranism than the doctrine of the ministry. The course on the holy ministry will consist of two main parts: 1) a scriptural study of the terms for ministry, private and public ministry, the forms of public ministry, the ministry of women, ordination, and so on. 2) an historical comparison of other doctrines of the ministry, Catholic, Presbyterian, Arminian, and so on. In the historical section we will also focus on the debate in American Lutheranism from the mid-1800s to the present with special attention to the views of Walther and the debates between WELS and the LCMS. The doctrine of the church will be briefly considered as the background for the doctrine of the ministry. The textbook will be The Ministry of the Word, published by Northwestern Publishing House.

Advanced Degree Program(s): STM
Area of Study: Systematic Theology
Summer Quarter Credits: 3
Tuition: $1200
Course Credits: 3.0
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