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The Persian Period

Instructor: Forrest Bivens

The Post-exile period for Israel, the “Persian Period” of the Old Testament, is filled with events of theological and historical importance. Memorable people also occupy our attention: the scribe Ezra, the beauty queen Esther, and the cupbearer turned governor Nehemiah. Our study of this period of OT history and the corresponding OT books will include both overview (isagogical) studies and in-depth (exegetical) class work. While not required, a working knowledge of Hebrew is desirable and will be beneficial. We will likely proceed with the material chronologically, from the reign of Cyrus through Darius, Xerxes (Ahasueras), and Artaxerxes. Biblically the progression would basically be Ezra 1-6, Esther, Ezra 7-10, and Nehemiah. The blessing and protection of the post-exile and pre-Messiah Jews by the hand of God will impress themselves on our hearts and we will be able to draw parallels of comfort and instruction for ourselves and those we serve in the Messiah’s name.

Area of Study: Old Testament
Summer Quarter Credits: 1.5
Tuition: $400
Course Number: OT5279
Course Credits: 1.0
Dates Term Location
10/25/2023 to 10/27/2023 Northern Wisconsin District Satellite 2023 Fox Valley Lutheran, Appleton, WI View Courses