Fan God’s Gifts into Flame: The Plan

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Okay, you’ve gotten to know yourself a little better. You’ve considered some areas for growth. Now report what you plan to do to your circuit pastor and to your (optional) accountability partner. But before you fill out the form, here are some things to consider…

  • Do you know your circuit pastor’s email address? (Look it up in the yearbook here.)
  • What are you currently doing in your ministry, in your synod, in your community?
  • What have you done this past year to grow spiritually, personally, and professionally?

What workshops or conferences have you attended? What books did you read that helped you in your ministry? What papers did you write or presentations did you make?

  • What are your SMART goals?

The exercise of setting goals is intended to:1. Assist the minister in being a good steward of his God-given abilities and blessings.
2. Provide the minister with an opportunity for self-reflection.
3. Assist the minister when planning for the future.
4. Stimulate dialogue between the minister and his circuit pastor.
5. Offer benchmarks for spiritual, personal, and professional growth and development.Directions: Please write down SMART goals as indicated in the paper. The information you provide will be kept in confidence. (If you don’t want to share any or all of your personal and family goals on this document, that will be respected.)

A word about SMART Goals: Goals are best met when they meet the characteristics of the acronym SMART, which stands for:
S Strategic / Specific
M Measurable (with specific data / results)
A Attainable
R Realistic / Relevant
T Time bound (has a deadline).

  • Consider your goals in these five areas…
    (Pick one or more. It’s not necessary to do all five.)

    • What are your Spiritual Growth Goals? (e.g. Utilize a “through my Bible in three years” plan.)
    • What are your Personal and Family Goals? (e.g. Exercise one hour at least four days per week.)(
    • What are your Professional Growth Goals? (e.g. Attend at least one course or conference focused on an area of teaching and implement at least one new idea.)
    • What are your Specific Ministry Goals? (Goals related to Bible class, evangelism efforts, youth ministry, new technology, etc.)
    • What are your Leadership Goals? (e.g. I will strive to encourage my councilmen to attend Bible class 70% of the time.)

Ready to submit your Ministry Development Plan? Click here.

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