Feedback from 2018 Retreats

“Most of all, this was an amazing celebration of God’s grace and how He continues to use us to accomplish His will. Thank you for making me again realize what a privilege it is to serve the Lord!”

“It was fantastic simply receiving the gospel in worship and Bible study. The highlight of the retreat for me was the Bible study in the sessions. Refreshed and reinvigorated me.”

“I loved the worship services. Singing and hearing all the voices together, communing together. Listening to the guys reaffirm their ordination vows gave me goosebumps and made me a little teary-eyed (because I hardly remember Call service or Graduation because of all the adrenaline!) and knowing that 10 years in, my husband is still devoted to his calling. It made my heart so happy.”

“The time to just sit down with my classmates and hear what is going on in their ministries. We did the most encouraging in the free time. I kept on finding myself talking about the joys and struggles we’ve dealt with in the short time we’ve been out of the Seminary. I needed to hear “you’re not the only one….” more than I realized.”

“Wow, everything. My heart is full. The gospel was part of the air. And that was on purpose, and encouraged me so much.”

“The Word and its messages through worship and presentations was perfect for our renewal. Also, I must mention how great it is to be with those classmates you know so well and who know you. Only with such ones can you relax, remember and really laugh.”