Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Pastors who are active in the ministry of the WELS or in churches of its confessional fellowship are eligible to apply for tuition assistance.

For those receiving tuition dollars from their calling body, the seminary provides a discount at registration for any for-credit WLS course taken on campus or online. Completing the financial aid form is not necessary.

For those who do not receive any tuition support from their calling body, some scholarship monies are also available. Please use this online application form.

Since the seminary does not have unlimited tuition assistance available; therefore, those enrolling for courses are encouraged to apply for their scholarships as early as possible to avoid missing out on such scholarships.

Travel Grant
For those traveling far to study at Summer Quarter on campus may apply for a travel grant. Grow in Grace will cover 50% of your eligible travel expenses over $350 per individual. Eligible travel expenses are airfare or car rental or mileage reimbursement with applicable supporting documents/receipts.

For Veterans
Our continuing education degree programs are approved for VA benefits for qualifying students.

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    Calculated mileage @$.56/mile


    Round trip airfare, if less than auto mileage