International Recruitment Director called

Overwhelming opportunities exist for offering pastoral training off campus. More and more people are seeking help both in North America and internationally. The type and scope of service being requested is beyond the ability of current mission fields to follow up on, and beyond the current configuration of Wisconsin Lutheran seminary to respond to. That is why synod’s Joint Mission Council, working with the seminary’s administration, requested that an international recruitment director be called to the seminary to serve these needs. While not a professor teaching in the classroom, the international recruitment director will help the seminary begin to address financial and manpower issues so we can respond to fellow Christians worldwide without detriment to our current programs.

The March issue of Together reported that the Synodical Council voted to provide funding for this position, “to coordinate the theological training of the increasing number of people desiring to serve as confessional Lutheran pastors in their home countries.”

On March 22, Jon Bare was called to serve in this position. Please keep him in your prayers as he deliberates.