Mentor training held

On Sept. 18-19 and Oct. 3-4, mentors serving in the Pastor Partners Mentoring Initiative gathered on the seminary’s campus for training. These annual sessions allow mentors to get support in their role and offer time for discussion to allow mentors to learn and grow together. Topics included Fan God’s Gifts into Flame, Keys to an Effective Mentoring Relationship, Understanding the Year-by-Year Mentoring Progression, and Rationale/Resources for Mentor Leadership Team Connecting with Mentors.

Presenters this year included Professor Rich Gurgel from WLS; Pastor Jeremiah Gumm from Liverpool, NY; Pastor Ben Zahn from Myrtle Beach, SC; and Thad Jahns, Director, Career & Professional Development at Wisconsin Lutheran College.  This year, 90 percent of the 65 active mentors participated.  The sessions were recorded and will be made available at the WLS Grow in Grace website.