M&M: Day Three

Day 3: Congregation and Ministry Support Group

On Thursday, Feb.9, Mission & Ministry focused on the WELS Congregation and Ministry Support Group. Through its seven areas—Adult Discipleship, Congregational Counseling, Evangelism, Lutheran Schools, Special Ministries, Worship, and Youth and Family—CMSG offers assistance to congregations and schools so they can carry out their ministries faithfully and efficiently.

The day began with headlines from WELS President, Pastor Mark Schroeder. Then, Pastor James Hein, from St. Marcus Lutheran Church, discussed More Beautiful Truth. He also gave a breakout session on 21st Century Preaching—for Millennials and other generations too!

Thursday’s breakout sessions covered topics from graphic design for worship and outreach to sharing Christ in crisis, from friendship evangelism to creating small group Bible studies. Others spoke on reaching out to the military, ministry metrics, how to connect preschool to your LES, being bold in parish ministry, and the new edition of Luther’s Catechism.

The three-day conference closed with a worship service led by Pastor Jon Hein. There he reminded students that the enduring Word of God will not return to empty, but will accomplish what God desires.

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