M&M: Day Two

Day 2: Home Missions

On Wednesday, Feb. 8, Mission & Ministry focused on Home Missions. Keynote speaker Ron Koehler gave the keynote address on Home Missions in Action. He shared how congregations throughout the U.S. are working together, creating multi-site ministries. With this scenario, congregations are merging and conducting gospel ministry at more than one physical location. “This allows us to share the gospel with more people in more places than before,” says Koehler. Currently, there are 26 active multi-site ministries, and 14 more are under consideration.

Pastor Keith Free, administrator for home missions, also gave an update on the broad scope of mission work taking place in North America.

The breakout sessions discussed outreach in the heartland, how to connect with the community, revitalizing your church, using teens in outreach, and multi-site ministry.

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