A Message From Your New Grow in Grace Director

“They are not just idle words for you – they are your life.” (Dt. 32:47a) Maybe I’d not studied them before; maybe I was just “in a different place,” but it was when I was a middler that those words really jumped out at me. Oh how prescient Moses was! When the Israelites stayed connected to the Word, they thrived! But oh-how-short-lived those days were!

During parish ministry, I was reminded over and over again of the truth of those words, both in my own life and in the lives of others. The Word of God is critical for a believer! And is it perhaps even more so for a pastor? I know that my satisfaction with – and performance in – ministry was often tied to the health of my devotional life. Yours too?

Grow in Grace exists to be one of the encouragers for pastors to keep growing in the Word.

But then there were the other times when I got to go deeper! The South Atlantic District began offering satellite summer quarters about the year 2000. I was blessed to take 1 Peter, Malachi, etc, and doing so helped me so much! Those courses turned into Bible classes or elder’s studies or sermon texts! They empowered me for more excellent ministry!

Grow in Grace also exists to bring that empowerment to pastors, today.

I’m honored – and excited – to be the new Grow in Grace director. I thank new MLC President Rich Gurgel for his excellent work, and for his graciousness in transitioning the work to me. Will there be changes to Grow in Grace? I’m sure there will be, simply because I’m a different person than Rich. If you have ideas for change, please reach out to us.

And, finally I thank you! Ultimately, the reason Grow in Grace exists is that pastors like you want to grow in faith and want to grow in ministry excellence. That’s motivating and inspiring! Thank you!

And, in the end, it makes sense that you want that growth. After all, these are not just idle words for us. They are our life.

Reliant on God’s gracious, empowering Word, just like you,