NEWEST Ministry Evaluation Package Update

Last month, the newest ministry evaluation package, Fan God’s Gifts into Flame, was released with a workbook and essay available for your use. This month, the toolbox that accompanies the package is now available to you. These resources, are meant to assist in the beginning of creating an annual plan for growth in all of your callings (child of God, pastor, husband, father, etc.). We realize this is only the beginning for this toolkit. In the months and years ahead, we have a plan to update, revise, and expand this toolkit on a regular basis so that it can be more helpful in identifying useful resources in the many areas in which a pastor might like to grow. We are especially aware of the need to locate more current digital resources.

Fan God’s Gifts into Flame is the third package in a series of study packages; Ordained for a Life of Growth was published in 2011 and Reclaiming Our Christ-Centered Lutheran Devotional Heritage was published in 2013. If you have not already done so, we hope that you can make use of any or all all these packages and study tools that accompany them.