Only God’s Vision is 20/20

As this year’s theme suggests, who wouldn’t enjoy having 20/20 eyesight or perfect vision to always make the right decisions as we go through life? Unfortunately, we know that as humans we never have perfect vision, so we look to God to guide us, to give us insights in making decisions. We know only God has perfect vision to see what lies ahead. And even though our human vision is far from perfect, we thank God for the guidance he does give us as we go through life. When I think of my own life, I am grateful and blessed for the guidance and opportunities God has given me to see things more clearly from a Christian perspective, even though I know there will always be so much more I do not understand.

In 2018 I was given the unbelievable opportunity to serve as a lay person on the seminary’s governing board. This seemed like an overwhelming responsibility and one which I admit I was hesitant to accept. Nonetheless, God led me to accept this opportunity and I am now so grateful for the chance to help lead the seminary. Even though I did not have the vision to see what was ahead of me, I know God did. Being a layperson, I did not fully appreciate how special the seminary is. I have met many wonderful professors and their families along with many extremely dedicated students. I have sat in classes and have been part of many calls that the board has extended for new professors—three at our last meeting alone, in January.

It often seems surreal to me to be part of this important work, but it is equally clear to me now that God had a clear vision of the many things I may not have understood. His vision is perfect, and we as humans must trust and believe in him. Although I was certainly overwhelmed when I joined the board, I can also see more clearly now that perhaps he placed me on the board because of a long legal and business career in the theatre and hotel business that has allowed me to share some different perspectives with the governing board. Again, God’s vision is perfect, and I am extremely grateful that he had this plan for me to serve in this way.

I also think about my hobby working as a replay official for NCAA football. We have a saying in replay that the referees on the field can make mistakes but replay has to be “perfect.” As we all know, no matter how many cameras and no matter how great the technology, seldom does a week go by where fans are not embroiled in discussions about controversial replay calls from the prior weekend. As much as we would like to be perfect, we know that will never happen. I can tell you that, on more than one occasion, in some of the biggest games, I have made a call that I knew was perfect, only to review the tapes the following week and see that the receiver’s foot did in fact just nick the pylon. I should have called the pass incomplete instead of allowing the touchdown. These are just a few examples of how human vision, even in replay, is always flawed and reinforces what we already know:  only God’s vision is perfect. As Christians we must always trust and know that God’s vision is the only one that matters. 

Mr. Thomas Kissinger, Sr. Executive Vice President of Marcus Corporation, is a member at Christ the Lord, Brookfield, Wis. This article first appeared the 2020 issue of Preach the Gospel.

Mr. Thomas Kissinger (left) works as a replay official for NCAA football.