Retirement Planning Checklist

Retirement Planning Checklist:  Housing, Healthcare, and Retirement Income

Presenters: Verlyn and Kelly Hahn

During this session we will discuss your Stewardship Retirement Planning Checklist to help you understand your options.   The stewardship of how you handle retirement topics will have a direct impact on your income/expenses/taxes and ultimate estate value.  Your planning, decisions and implementation will affect you, your spouse, your family and your charities. The act of retirement is new to you, but we have helped many before you.   Let us share our planning experience with you as a potential roadmap for your own retirement.

Verlyn Hahn, CFP® and Kelly Hahn, ChFC® are the Plan Advisors to the WELS Shepherd Plan 403b since its inception and co-owners of Hahn Financial Group, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor registered with the SEC. They are fellow WELS members with multiple Called Workers in their families, with Kelly having been raised in a pastor’s family. They approach their planning knowing the Lord is in control, we are but stewards of His blessings, and that they are here to serve His people.