Satellite Summer Quarters, 2021

In 2019 Grow in Grace began a new approach to Summer Quarter, offering no classes on campus in that year, but taking classes to whatever districts were willing to host courses. We then established an every-other-year pattern:

• In odd years, “Summer Quarter” is held in each district through satellite courses.
• In even years, Summer Quarter is held in Mequon.

As with so many things, Covid-19 has impacted our plans. Grow in Grace has reached out to the districts, asking if they will be able to meet, as planned. In addition, we’ve asked if they would be interested in doing an online satellite if they were unable to meet face-to-face, as planned.

Grow in Grace also reached out to the scheduled professors, asking if they were still able to go if the districts were able to conduct the satellites in a face-to-face manner. We also asked if they would be willing to turn their class into an online class if the district wanted to move to an online satellite.

We will both continue to monitor the situation, and will communicate with the districts, so please stay tuned for updates. But as of January 26, 2021, the schedule looks like this: (NB – some course names are abbreviated.) For more information click on the course name.

Arizona/California District (Oct 18-20)  
Red Sea Crossing and Wilderness Wandering: Exodus 14-18Cherney1 Credit
Biblical Geography (Geography of Israel)Brug1 Credit
Elijah: The Chariots and Horsemen of IsraelWordell1 Credit
Eastern OrthodoxyBrenner1 Credit
Northern Wisconsin (Oct 27-29)  
Medical Decisions and Dilemmas in End-of-Life CareFleischmann1.5 Credit

Principles & Practices of Adult Bible Study, Part 2
Kock1.5 Credits

Maintaining a Lutheran Identity in a Postmodern World
P. Wendland1.5 Credits

Teach Them to Your Children: Helping Parents Fulfill Their Spiritual Responsibility to Children
Dobberstein1.5 Credits

OT Readings
F. Bivens1 Credit
1 Peter – Exegesis of Selected PassagesGeiger1.5 Credits