Serving the Savior in Old and/or New Ways

Serving the Savior in Old and/or New Ways:  The Wide Range of Options in Retirement for Pastors and Pastors Wives

Presenter: Charles Degner

I once watched an old hunting dog work a marsh for his master for four hours. When they went back to the truck, the dog tried to jump in the cab and didn’t make it, so the master lifted him in. He had left it all out on the field for his master. Retirement is just a few months away. My prayer is that I will serve my master well and leave it all out on the field for him when he calls me home. But where and how?  That’s the question that I have to answer for myself and perhaps my thoughts will help you work through these same issues as you approach retirement.

Charles Degner was raised on a dairy farm in Ixonia, WI, a great place to learn that the day is finished when your work is done.  He has twelve first cousins who have served as pastors in the WELS.  He was a tutor at Martin Luther Academy in New Ulm and a vicar in Redwing, MN;  served for seven years in Prior Lake, MN, and for thirty-one years in St. Peter, MN; was vice-president in the district for sixteen years and president for nine years. “I always wondered if the love of a husband and wife became not-so-exciting in these senior years.  I have found out that I am more madly in love with my wife, Linda, than ever before.  I just can’t beat her at Scrabble, though.  I have six children and seven grandchildren and hope to see more of them in my retirement.”