Summer Quarter at WLS

During even-numbered years, Grow in Grace hosts pastors on campus to take courses during Summer Quarter. These course offerings allow pastors to participate in continuing education on seminary grounds and use the seminary library in addition to fellowship with other pastors and professors. Year after year, many pastors praise summer quarter in Mequon as a wonderful way to grow, study, and be refreshed by coming back to campus to sit in the classroom and study from professors and alongside brothers in ministry.

This year, Summer Quarter in Mequon has 45 pastors in 10 on-campus courses. While some pastors are pursuing courses to apply to a specific degree (the Sacred Theology Degree (STM)), other pastors enroll in courses to simply pursue a specific area of personal or professional growth. Any for-credit course taken can be applied to the STM degree if a pastor wishes to pursue a full degree.

Grow in Grace is putting final touches on the plan for satellite courses next year in 9 synodical districts. View all upcoming courses offered through Grow in Grace and other continuing education resources.