Thank you for your gifts!


I’m not the usual student. My wife of 36 years, Cheryl, and I have two married sons and an eight-month-old grandson. Our third son is attending college and living with us. I am not the oldest graduate from the seminary, but a close second.

In 2004 I began the Congregational Evangelism Program to assist my pastor and church. Upon completion, Professor Sorum invited me to begin the Pastoral Studies Institute. Through PSI, non-traditional students have a flexible path to become a pastor. Over 2.5 years my pastor taught me Greek and Hebrew. In 2013 I retired as a Director of Public Works and entered the seminary.

Race, culture, or age do not limit the call to serve. The Lord calls us to serve as deacon/deaconess, lay pastor or teaching assistant, or as a fulltime pastor.

We at the seminary, coming from all walks of life, thank you for your gifts. They help us continue our education through this year and encouragement it gives us until our Lord’s return.

Larry Neitzel is a senior. He will graduate this May and be assigned as a full-time pastor.