B. TH. Casa Palabra de Vida

Cristo Palabra de Vida

A Satellite Program of the Pastoral Studies Institute of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary – Bachelor of Divinity Track

Overview of the Current Program

Since 2004, Cristo Palabra de Vida has been associated with the Pastoral Studies Institute of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. In the first ten years of this program, six (6) men successfully completed the program’s requirements and received diplomas from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. Cristo graduates are currently serving ministries in El Paso, Texas and in Phoenix, Arizona.

With thanksgiving, we acknowledge the Lord’s blessings on the AMTP, and we look forward to continued rich blessings in the future. This program offers important blessings to our students:

  1. Training is provided locally by WELS pastors, so that students can remain in their own cultural setting with their families.
  2. Students enjoy ministry opportunities in the congregations or mission fields where they live and study.
  3. They receive ministry training that is relatively inexpensive.
  4. They enjoy classroom settings in which instructors are offer appropriate communication for students who must function in English, their second language.
  5. They participate eagerly in continuing education programs offered at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.

The Enrollment Process

Men who wish to train to become WELS pastors for Hispanic communities will discuss their plans with their pastor. The pastor will initiate the enrollment process by contacting the Director of the Pastoral Studies Institute. The enrollment process requires that prospective students be approved by Missionary Timothy Flunker, by their pastor, and by their cultural community. Guided by this interaction with the prospective student’s community, the Executive Committee of the PSI through the Director of the PSI submits the application to the entire faculty of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.

Contact Information

If you are able to speak English, contact PSI Director E Allen Sorum at (262) 208-0063.
If you prefer Spanish, contact Missionary Timothy Flunker at (920) 217-2704.