Grow in Grace Student Account Request

Please use the form below to request a student account with Grow in Grace. This account provides a Microsoft 365 license for single sign-on use to access Grow in Grace’s student information system, SemNet, and AtlaSerials PLUS. The account is now required for those interested in taking courses for credit or audit.

The student information system (SIS) gives students the opportunity to view grades, transcripts, and view and register for available courses offered through Grow in Grace. Click here to access the Student Information System. If you don’t remember how to register you can follow this tutorial to refresh your memory.

SemNet is the online platform for courses taken through Grow in Grace and is used for both online and in-person courses including satellite Summer Quarter.

Alumni of WLS will gain access to AtlaSerials PLUS, an online database of theological journal content, containing the full text of over 1.2 million articles from over 650 mainstream and specialty journals. Articles are professionally indexed and are searchable by topic, scripture reference, author, and title.

If you aren’t sure if you have an @WLS account or not, please click here to check. Username is, if it asks you to enter a password then you have an account. If you don’t know what that password is you can use the ‘Forgot My Password’ link on that page to reset it. If the message says ‘The username may be incorrect’ and you’re sure you entered the username correctly, then you do not have an account already and can fill out the form below.

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