Bachelor of Theology – Level 3: Vicar

Upon completion of level three of the PSI program, the student will know the historical spread of the gospel and development of various denominations, reformation history as taught through reformation writings, Old Testament Prophets, Revelation, and the Greek language. The student will be able to functionally use Greek to translate the New Testament, begin modeling and mentoring others, implement a program that equips those under his care for ministry, preach under pastoral supervision, teach a Bible Class, counsel as appropriate, articulate the distinctness of the Lutheran faith as opposed to other denominations and world religions. The student’s attitude and character will be such that he has a willingness to engage other religions and denominations, has a desire to be authentically Lutheran, wants to be in a mentored relationship to advance spiritual, emotional, and physical resilience, desires to learn the Biblical languages, and understands why they are important.

These objectives will be attained through the completion of the following courses





BT-OT301: Prophets

CH301: Augsburg Confession

ST302: Christian Doctrine: Prolegomena and Theology

PT301: Conducting Special Worship Services

BT-NT301: Revelation

CH302: Development of Christian Denominations

CH301: WELS doctrinal Statements

PT302: Teaching a Bible Class

BT-Grk301: Greek

CH303: History of Christianity in Student’s Context

PT303: Writing a Sermon II

BT-Grk302: Readings from John

PT304: Administration of a Program and Pastoral Leadership

PT305: Intro to Counseling

PT306: Engaging the Spirit World