Pastoral Studies Institute

Pastoral Studies Institute

In partnership with WELS Joint Missions, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary’s Pastoral Studies Institute provides pre-seminary and seminary training to North American students from a variety of countries and cultures. As WELS congregations reach out to refugees and immigrants with support and the gospel, candidates for pastoral ministry are introduced to the PSI Team. Training is provided at the local level, where a candidate’s local WELS pastor serves as his PSI Supervising Pastor.  In many cases this training leads to international opportunities as well, since many of these spiritual leaders want training both for themselves and for church leaders in their countries of origin.  

In addition, around the world, Christians looking for gospel training contact the regional WELS World Missions teams and other churches in our fellowship. Many of these individuals, churches, or synods are seeking support, training, and connection to a church body that shares the truth of God’s word and the good news of salvation through Christ. PSI stands ready to assist regional mission teams in the evaluation process and to provide consultation and support in the area of theological education leading to fellowship. 

For seminaries and Bible Institutes of our fellowship throughout the world, the PSI Team provides consultation on curriculum and educational practices. Upon request, PSI coordinates advanced degree programs for pastors of these church bodies. PSI arranged visiting professors serve the various needs of these programs. Since the program began, faculty members have taught in Apacheland, Bulgaria, Colombia, East Asia, Ethiopia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, the Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, and Zambia. Each year they serve hundreds of students.

For more information about PSI, contact the PSI Administrative Assistant, Nola Zemlicka, to begin the conversation.

We value the wonderful privilege of participating in this great work. Because many of our partners must exercise caution in their work, we are unable to publicly share all of the ways God is blessing our work. We pray, though, that this page informs you and encourages you.

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