Bachelor of Theology – Level 1: Evangelist

Upon completion of level one of the PSI program, the student will know the content and application of Luther’s Catechism, basic history of the reformation and his own Lutheran heritage, the distinction between and application of Law and Gospel, Bible Stories in salvation history (Genesis to 2nd Chronicles, Gospels and Acts), and how to interpret the Bible.  The student will be able to evangelize, use Bible stories in witnessing, write and deliver devotions, and take responsibility for his and his family’s spiritual, emotional and physical resiliency.  The student’s attitude and character will be such that he embraces humility and respect of authority in his vocation to learn and serve under his supervising pastor, demonstrates an appropriate work ethic, demonstrates a growing appreciation for the unconditional gospel in word and action, and desires to be fed with the word.

The objectives will be attained through the completion of the following courses:





BT101: Interpreting the Bible

CH101: Your Confessional Heritage

ST101: Catechism

PT101: Vocations

BT-NT 101: Matthew, Mark and John

ST102: Law and Gospel

PT102: Christian Family

BT102: Luke – Acts

PT103: Writing a Devotion

BT-OT101: Old Testament History: Genesis – 2 Chronicles

PT104: Evangelism I