Bachelor of Theology – Level 2: Congregation Assistant

Upon completion of level two of the PSI program, the student will know the theology and practice of spiritual leadership, doctrine and use of Law and Gospel (advanced), the chief articles of the Lutheran faith and their historical background, the theological and historical practice of worship, the Psalms, Old Testament Wisdom Literature, and the Epistles. The student will be able to lead worship, teach a Bible class under supervision (including assisting in teaching portions of a BIC), take responsibility for a component of congregational ministry, work in a team, prepare a sermon message under the guidance of his mentor pastor. The student’s attitude and character will be such that he embraces the notion of being a full-time called worker as a spiritual leader in the church, is eager to confess and share the faith, is eager to function in a team ministry and equip others within his church for ministry.

These objectives will be attained through the completion of the following courses:





BT-NT201: Epistles

CH201: Ecumenical Creeds

ST201: Advanced Law and Gospel

PT201:  Christian Worship

BT-OT201: Psalms

CH202: Smalcald articles

ST202: Doctrine of the Ministry of the Church

PT202: Evangelism II

BT-OT202: Wisdom Literature

PT203: Write a sermon

PT204:  Evangelical Spiritual Leadership