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Previous symposium essays are available in the WLS library’s Essay File under the name of the essayist and found below.


2023 The Two Kingdoms

Paul Koelpin
The Kingdom(s) and the Power and the Glory: A Biblical and Confessional Perspective on the Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms

Wade Johnston
Church and State Throughout the Centuries: Tales of Conflict and Confusion

Jon Bauer
Exiled Insiders: Our Sempiternal, Subversive, Submissive Life in Two Kingdoms Ruled by One Crucified King

2022 Compassion Ministry

Keith Wessel
See How They Love One Another! The Ministry of Compassion in Scripture and Early Christianity to 300 AD.

Glen Thompson
Chrisitan Compassion Through the Centuries

Ryan Kolander
Cultivating a Culture of Compassion: The Opportunity is Ours

2021 Pastoral Wellness

Mark Paustian
I Am Convinced: A Devotional Appropriation of Romans 8 to the Life of the Pastor

Jonathan Scharf
I Believe that I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: The Pastor Cares for His Body

Benjamin Kohls
Emotional Wellness: Holistic Care for God’s Workmanship

2020 Martin Luther’s 1520 Treatises

Jason Oakland
Luther’s Call to Action: A Consideration of To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation

James Danell
The Freedom of a Christian and Treatise on Good Works

Benjamin Schaefer
“Breaking Free”: Martin Luther’s Babylonian Captivity of the Church in Context

2019 Christian Apologetics

Michael Berg
An Introduction to and Defense of Apologetics

Luke Thompson
Disclosing the Hidden God: Confessional Lutheran Doctrine and Christian Apologetics

Justin Cloute
Apologetics in a Postmodern World

2018 The Pastor as Shepherd-Leader

David Scharf
St. Paul and Martin Luther: Paradigms of Shepherd-Leaders

Jonathan Schroeder
Shepherds Under the Cross

Jonathan Hein
The Shepherd-Leader at Work: Moving Forward (The Need for Careful Listening & Careful Reasoning)

2017 Reformation 500 (Martin Luther)

Kenneth Cherney Jr
Core Like a Rock: Luther’s Theological Center

Paul Wendland
Martin Luther–God’s Voice

Mark Zarling
Luther and the Saints: The Priesthood of All Believers – A True Treasure of the Lutheran Reformation

Mark Braun
Martin Luther and the State

2016 Hermeneutics

Steven Lange
The Value of Hermeneutics

Benjamin Tomczak
Hermeneutics and the Confessions

Daniel Waldschmidt
The Hermeneutics of the New Perspective on Paul

2015 Pastor as Teacher

Aaron Mueller
Jesus Taught The Way of Life — and So Do We

Daniel Habben
St. Augustine Taught the Catechumens and So Do We

Paul Prange
Luther Taught the Children—and So Do We

2014 Preaching

Michael Jensen
Christ, the Preacher: Tracing Our Preaching Roots to Jesus

Andrew Bauer
An Evaluation of Modern Evangelical Preaching

Phillip Sievert
A Paradigm for 21st Century Lutheran Preachers

2013 Pastor and His Seminary Training

Harland Goetzinger
The Pastor as Exegete

Michael Seifert
The Pastor as Dogmatician

Bart Brauer
The Pastor as Church Historian

2012 Brotherly Admonition

John Koelpin
Brotherly Admonition in the Congregation: God’s Seeking Grace

Earle Treptow
Brotherly Admonition in the Ministerium

James Huebner
Brotherly Admonition that Encourages Accountability

2011 Lutheran Schools

Mark Braun
What Our Fathers Taught Us about Lutheran Schools

Mark Zarling
Christian Education: A Matter of Life or Death — What the Mission of the Church Teaches Us about Lutheran Schools

Donald Patterson
What Practical Experience Teaches Us about Lutheran Schools

2010 Worship and Outreach

Aaron Christie
Worship and Outreach: An Observable Synergy – “The Gospel Goes to Work”

Adam Mueller

Jonathan Schroeder

2009 Congregational Health

David Kolander

Thomas Kock

Kenneth Fisher

2008 The Church

Jonathan Hein

Thomas Nass

Charles Degner

2007 Christian Stewardship

David Valleskey

Ronald Muetzel

Forrest Bivens

2006 Christian Vocation

Steven Degner

Kenneth Cherney

Mark Paustian

2005 Lutheran Confessions

Arnold Koelpin

Paul Naumann

Joel Otto

2004 Pastoral Education

Paul Kelm

Joel Gerlach

John Brenner

2003 Holy Communion

Joel Fredrich

Stephen Valleskey

Jonathan Micheel

2002 Holy Baptism

Mark Lenz

Charles Cortright

John Vieths

2001 Christian Freedom

John Braun

Curtis Jahn

Michael Schultz

2000 Forward in Christ at the Dawn of a New Millennium

Joel Prange

Keith Wessel

Paul Wendland